Retrofit Underfloor Insulation

Foilboard's retrofit underfloor insulation's lightweight but rigid design ensures it is easily applied beneath the floor of existing homes.

Existing homes with cold hardwood or tile floors can often have little or no insulation. Foilboard® Insulation Panel provides an ideal retrofitting floor insulation solution. The lightweight rigid insulation panels are simply fixed to the underside of the floor joists using the recommend Foilboard Fasteners.

The rigid insulation panels provide a physical barrier between the cold ground and the floor, restricting the passage of cooler air to inhibit the internal areas. The reflective air space created by affixing the panels to the undersides of the joists in between the bearers adds to the energy efficiency of this system, making an incredible difference to the R value of the building. An increase in the reflective airspace will result in a higher system R value.

Perfectly suited to retro-fitting underfloor in existing homes Foilboard® offers many advantages;
• Rigid and lightweight
• Safe and easy to install
• Non fibrous, non allergenic
   Heat Flow Out   Heat Flow In  
Super 15  R3.4T R2.8T
Standard 10  R3.3T R2.4T

*Custom applications available.
* T = Total System R-Value

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