Underfloor Insulation

Foilboard underfloor insulation creates an energy efficient thermal barrier between the floor and the ground, and is especially suited to cool climate applications.

Foilboard® Insulation Panel is perfectly suited to floor insulation applications. Its lightweight but rigid panel insulation design means it can be fitted directly between joists beneath the floor line and will not sag and create thermal leakage which leads to a loss in R value.

During construction of a building the panel is cut into strips and placed in between the Floor Saddles, leaving a still reflective air space between the reflective insulation panel and the flooring.

A building can lose up to 20% of its thermal energy through the floor. This is particularly a problem in cooler climates, where the cold can seep through the floor into the habitable area above,

Foilboard’s sophisticated combination of thermal mass, reflective insulation technology and still air spaces ensures it is the best insulation solution for underfloor applications. Foilboard® Insulation Panel is truly is the smarter way to insulate your floor.

   Heat Flow Out   Heat Flow In  
Super 15  R2.4 R1.3T
Standard 10  R2.3T R1.2T

*Custom applications available.
* T = Total System R-Value

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