Foilboard wall insulation panels shine in Myer redevelopment


When the architects designing the massive $325 million Myer redevelopment in Melbourne considered their options for wall insulation, they chose the very best insulation product available – the Foilboard® Insulation Panel.

“They knew that Foilboard is a really easy product to install and has great insulation properties,” says Ross Currie, Director of Comcraft Constructions which oversaw the internal fit outs and wall insulation in the reinvigorated department store. “It's not as bulky as normal polyester insulation, which means it is really easy to handle and easy to store.”

The redevelopment has just been completed and some of the world's biggest brands are already trading in the 8 levels of the new Myer. And with over 2000 square metres of Ultra 20 Foilboard reflective panels insulating the external walls, things will remain comfortable inside the new department store regardless of any extreme weather conditions outside.

Foilboard comprised a crucial element of this massive redevelopment, which is one of Melbourne's most important commercial construction operations. The unique insulation properties of the reflective foil insulation panels have created an incredibly effective thermal barrier to keep Myer customers cool in summer, and warm in winter.

The Foilboard was fitted directly to the brickwork which faces externally in the outer walls of the new Myer building. A 30 mm gap was left between the foil insulation panels and the internal stud walls, providing that crucial reflective air space to provide additional insulation.

Foilboard reflective insulation panels are working for Myer to help create the most energy efficient building possible. Foilboard truly is the smarter way to insulate.
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