FR-EPS 10 mm

This product sets a new standard in baseline insulation. It is a slim, fire proof thermal insulation alternative, which offers entry level R-ratings.  Designed for easy installation and guaranteed to last, Standard 10 is used predominantly in underfloor, retrofit, brick veneer and cavity brick applications.

FR-EPS 15 mm

Adapted from the Standard 10 product, the Super 15 insulation delivers a higher level R-rating, while maintaining the slimline design, which can be quickly installed by DIY or professional builders. Recommended for application in underfloor, retrofit, brick veneer and cavity brick areas to increase comfort and energy savings in the property. 

FR-EPS 20 mm

This insulation alternative has been specifically designed for commercial use in concrete walls where there is a demand for an increased R-value in a slim line solution. Builders in the commercial industry favour this product because it speeds up the installation process dramatically, is safe to handle without the need for protective clothing and delivers 5-star results for the life of the building.

FR-EPS 25 mm

High demand for insulation specifically made for Cathedral ceilings and flat roofs and sheds has led to the development of Cathedral 25. This exceptional product suits those roof areas where space is limited and increased thermal insulation is required. Installing these panels is simple and quick with the patented lock-in fasteners.

FR-EPS 30 mm

An excellent choice for commercial insulation projects, Excel 30 offers the very best in Foilboard technology. Recommended for commercial underfloor and concrete wall applications, this product will provide fire safety, all-year round comfort and enjoyment as well as energy savings in extreme temperatures.

FR-EPS 40 mm

In order to achieve increased year-round comfort, concrete slab insulation is crucial. Superior 40 solves the problem of tricky edge slab insulation for projects with hydronic heating and satisfies the R1.0 industry requirement for this type of insulation. This state-of-the-art product can be cut to exact size and fixed into place with ease and speed.

FR-EPS 50 mm

Ultimate 50 is a premium insulation solution for specialist projects where increased thermal resistance is required. Made from the same fire retardant rigid sheet panels, this industry alternative provides optimal insulation outcomes for applicable properties.

Green 60 FR-EPS 60 mm
Green 70 FR-EPS 70 mm
Green 80 FR-EPS 80 mm
Green 90 FR-EPS 90 mm
Green 100 FR-EPS 100 mm
Product Core  
Foilstar 20 Phenolic 20mm
Foilstar 25 Phenolic 25mm
Foilstar 30 Phenolic 30mm
Foilstar 40 Phenolic 40mm
Foilstar 50 Phenolic 50mm
Foilstar 60 Phenolic 60mm
Foilstar 70 Phenolic 70mm
Foilstar 80 Phenolic 80mm
Foilstar 90 Phenolic 90mm
Foilstar 100 Phenolic 100mm
Product Type
Green Joining Tape
Silver Joining Tape
Flexi-Fast Fasteners
Floor Saddles
Standard Fastener Timber 30
Ultra Fastener Timber 40
Standard Fastener Steel 30
Ultra Fastener Steel 40
Blank Plates
Space Block

With our range of versatile products, you can be sure that Foilboard will benefit your residential or commercial project. To find out more, contact a trusted member of our technical department to receive professional insulation advice on 1800 354 717 or contact us.