An excellent choice for commercial insulation projects, Excel 30 offers the very best in Foilboard technology. Recommended for commercial underfloor and concrete wall applications, this product will provide fire safety, all-year round comfort and enjoyment as well as energy savings in extreme temperatures.

Heat Flow Out (Winter): RT2.1

Heat Flow In (Summer): RT2.5


With our range of versatile products, you can be sure that Foilboard will benefit your residential or commercial project. To find out more, contact a trusted member of our technical department to receive professional insulation advice on 1800 354 717 or contact us.

RT - R-values displayed are "total system R-values", as required by the Energy Provisions of the Building Code of Australia.

Calculation is based on the use of the Foilboard® Insulation Panel only. Under no circumstances can this calculation be used in conjunction with any alternative product, as results will vary.