Adapted from the Standard 10 product, the Super 15 insulation delivers a higher level R-rating, while maintaining the slimline design, which can be quickly installed by DIY or professional builders. Recommended for application in underfloor, retrofit, brick veneer and cavity brick areas to increase comfort and energy savings in the property. 

Heat Flow Out (Winter): RT3.1

Heat Flow In (Summer): RT2.2

With our range of versatile products, you can be sure that Foilboard will benefit your residential or commercial project. To find out more, contact a trusted member of our technical department to receive professional insulation advice on 1800 354 717 or contact us.

RT - R-values displayed are "total system R-values", as required by the Energy Provisions of the Building Code of Australia.

Calculation is based on the use of the Foilboard® Insulation Panel only. Under no circumstances can this calculation be used in conjunction with any alternative product, as results will vary.