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Foil Insulation by Foilboard

Being in the grips of a Melbourne winter can sometimes become very hard to handle. To contrast our summer heat waves, we often have freezing cold and wet winter days. Regardless of the season in question, one thing is for sure – very rarely do we experience days in this city that are naturally comfortable in terms of climate. In order to cater for this and grant ourselves the luxury of comfortable temperatures in our properties, we must make use of foil insulation. So, why insulate your home? Besides the fact that it allows you higher levels of comfort all year round, there are a number of other reasons.

  1. Insulation is Designed To Cover Your Entire Property

    Insulation is extremely versatile in that it can be fitted within all structural  parts of your property. At Foilboard, our insulation is available in many different applications. These include cavity wall insulation, underfloor insulation and cathedral ceiling insulation. Being a very organic method of increasing thermal efficiency, insulation is most effective when utilised in all parts of a building. You can even fit it in your basement.


  2. Insulation is Number One on the Energy Saver Leaderboard

    Believe it or not, studies have shown that insulation trumps every other piece of energy saving technology there is. The EPA has revealed that insulation saves over 600 times more energy every year than all the energy star windows, energy star appliances, and compact fluorescent lights combined.

  3. Insulation is A Powerful Way to Help Save Our Planet

    When you invest in insulation, you are investing in the environment. The amount of energy we as a race burn in using heaters and air conditioners is excessive—especially considering we have technology such as insulation available to us. When you insulate your home and reduce how much you need to run your heaters and coolers, you are helping preserve our planet’s precious natural resources.

  4. Insulation will Allow You to Keep More Money in Your Pocket

    Another wonderful benefit to reducing how much energy you use is that you will save plenty on your gas and electricity bills. Insulation is an investment that pays off over the months and years after it is fitted, in the form of these savings.

  5. Insulation is Completely Safe

    Our Foilboard insulation is 100% fireproof and non-toxic. It is non-harmful to the health of anyone occupying the building or even installing the insulation.

There are a variety of great reasons to insulate your home this year. Installing insulation in your property means that, no matter what, you will gain many benefits. If you’re ready for foil insulation, feel free to call our friendly expert team on 1800 354 717.

Have you got any questions about insulation or do you have anything to add? If so, please leave a comment below.

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