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Foilboard Insulation Products

As long-time leaders in insulation, Foilboard have been paving the way in reflective insulation technologies for almost three decades. Since beginning as a company in 1991, Foilboard have been constantly pushing the envelope for what is possible in the field of thermal efficiency and organic temperature control. As a result, they have created a whole range of extremely effective insulation products that allow for new and existing homes alike to enjoy the benefits of high-quality insulation at an easy to install and a great price.

The primary benefit of Foilboard insulation enables homeowners to live comfortably in their homes, irrespective of the outside climate. Foilboard’s properties also make it ideal for those who want to make big savings on their energy bills as well as reduce their carbon footprint.

For those of you wondering where you can purchase some of the best insulation in the country, the good news is that it is now readily available throughout Australia’s biggest hardware chain. Bunnings Warehouse is the sole stockists of Foilboard Handy Panel which have been specifically designed for the DIY customer. The famous hardware company proudly sells the lightweight rigid panel insulation, which is made from EPS (polystyrene), with aluminium foil laminated to both sides. Designed to suit a whole range of applications, Foilboard Handy Panels are best fitted in walls, underfloor, cathedral ceilings, containers, garage doors, pet kennels and caravans. The product is also designed to be used in retrofitting, which is the process of installing insulation in a building once it has been built. If you are building a new property and want to install Foilboard Handy Panels, the process is extremely smooth and simple.

Perfect for DIY customers, Foilboard Handy Panels fit comfortably in the boot of your car and are extremely affordable, beginning at only $18.60 a sheet. For help with installation, simply visit the Foilboard website at https://www.foilboard.com.au/installation-guide/  for specific installation guides. When you opt for Foilboard Handy Panels, you’re buying a product that promotes early lockup for your building, has acoustic properties to help reduce noise levels, reduces the impact of temperature swings, insulates your home from hot and cold conditions and reduces your energy bills. The advantages of insulation are incredible and the savings in your energy bills help you to recoup your initial investment in the long term.

With wide availability at Bunnings Warehouse, you can grab your handy panels today, no matter what state you live in. Bunnings stockist of the Foilboard Handy Panels are located across 42 stores in Victoria, 44 in New South Wales, 1 in the Northern Territory, 35 in Queensland, 6 in South Australia, 3 in Tasmania, and 19 in Western Australia.

For more information on Foilboard Handy Panels, or any other Foilboard products, visit https://www.foilboard.com.au/products/ or call 1800 354 717. Or alternatively, drop in to your nearest Bunnings Warehouse today to pick up your Handy Panels today.

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