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cavity wall insulation melbourne

If you’re thinking about investing in wall insulation in Melbourne, you’ve got the right idea. Everyday, more and more Australians are discovering the various benefits that cavity wall insulation can bring to their homes, and ultimately, their lives. At Foilboard, we have designed a Cavity Wall Insulation that delivers the highest standard of efficiency and heat protection in a foil insulation available. Our Cavity Wall Insulation is available in different levels of R ratings to fit your unique home environment.

Cavity Wall Insulation acts as a shield that defends your home against external heat infiltration. We use a reflective surface that acts as a barrier, mirroring heat from one side of the panel, and lowering the level of heat conduction that transfers through.

Amongst the many benefits of wall insulation, the most well-known is thermal efficiency. When a home is well insulated, it has an easier time maintaining a much more balanced temperature all year round. It will be effective at staying cool in summer and warm in winter. The effect of this is a massive reduction in our carbon footprint, as inevitably our artificial heating and cooling units will not be engaged as often. This also results in big savings on energy bills.

If you are building a new home and opt for insulation during the construction process, it will reduce how much time it takes to build your home. This is because insulation offers full protection against weather conditions, allowing internal trades to proceed without the need to wait for brickwork or cladding to be completed.

For more information about Cavity Wall Insulation and its benefitscontact us today on 1800 354 717. A friendly expert member of our team is geared up and ready to assist you with any queries you might have.

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