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Foilboard Insulation Products


Builders in Melbourne are paying close attention to the quality and performance of their building supplies to avoid problems down the track for their clients and property residents. Insulation materials are a necessity in every build nowadays, and foam insulation panels are a favourite for Melbourne builders for the following reasons;

1. Quicker Installation

Quality foam, reflective insulation panels have been designed with the ultimate ease of handling an installation in mind. Being extremely lightweight and rigid makes them a perfect insulation solution for Melbourne contractors who often need to adhere to time restraints and tight schedules. Their slimline shape also means that they can be stored in a small space on site without taking up valuable space. Of course, quicker installation means reduced construction and labour costs, and ultimately happier customers, which is a fabulous advantage of foam insulation.

2. No harmful CFC’s in Foam Insulation Panels

With the advancements in manufacturing, foam insulation panels are produced without using ozone depleting CFC’s and HCFC’s. This means you will not be introducing nasty chemicals into the property, making the building a lot safer and healthier for occupants. With an increase in smart home awareness, and health sensitivities, the feature of foam insulation panels is indeed a favoured one.

3. Non-hazardous in event of fires

The raw material used in foam insulation panel manufacturing is fire retardant which adds peace of mind for Melbourne builders and property occupants in the event of an emergency.

4. High performance thermal resistance

Of course, the main purpose of installing insulation in Melbourne is to achieve thermal resistance and year-round comfort within the property. Foam insulation panels offer 5-star energy efficiency, are BCA compliant and are guaranteed for the life of the building.

Foilboard rigid, reflective foam insulation panels are a preferred choice for Melbourne builders and DIY home improvers. Click here to find out more, https://www.foilboard.com.au/faqs

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