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Foilboard Insulation Products

Insulation comes in many formats, materials, and sizes. With so many choices available on the market, it can get a little confusing when determining which is right for you. A great option that provides effectiveness and reliability is foil insulation. A foil insulation panel does not only make use of technology that encourages advanced thermal efficiency within any home it is installed, but it is also extremely economic. The way it works is also simple but clever.


Reflective foil insulation is generally made by backing a layer of foil with paper or plastic. This combination acts effectively to protect against the heat created by radiation. As the name suggests, reflective foil uses its surface to send the heat back. Because of the way it works, foil needs a section of air next to the reflective surface to work. This is where the heat goes once it has been reflected back from the insulation surface.


It is also important to note that in order for foil insulation to work correctly, it must be kept free of any dust and dirt. Any accumulation of this debris can cause the insulation to not perform optimally. It is best to keep the the reflective side facing downwards or in a vertical orientation to prevent any dust or dirt buildups. The R-value of foil insulation can vary, based on the setting which it is installed in and how it is fixed. The climate of your environment also plays a significant role.


For more information on how foil insulation works, feel free to contact us directly. Whether you need to get your hands on some insulation, or simply require some advice, the team at Foilboard are extensively experienced and will happily assist you with all your needs.



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