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Excellent for maintaining thermal efficiency in any property it is installed, Underfloor Insulation in Melbourne is becoming a staple across homes in the city. If you are building a new home, or have built one recently; you will know that insulation is nowadays basically a standard component of the construction process. It is also common knowledge that good quality insulation can save you a lot of money on energy bills—but just how much does it cost?


The first thing to understand about insulation is how to measure its efficiency. Efficiency in insulation is measured by a standard known as the R-value. Essentially, the R-value is a rating given to insulation, based on its conductive or radiant heat transfer capabilities. When it comes to underfloor insulation, you need to ensure the material you select captures heat and cold. Depending on your climate and other considerations, you can decide which R-value is suitable for you. You may not necessarily require the highest rated insulation. For this part of the process, it is best to consult the experts if you are unsure what will do for your home.


When it comes to price itself, insulation panels vary in price according to their R-value and material. In today’s market, on average, R1.5 polyester batts might cost roughly $35, while R4.0 polyester batts can sit around the $75 mark.Foilboard panels can cost between $22-26, based on their size and R-value. If you are dealing with light duty applications in an easy access space, a great way to save money is to install the underfloor insulation yourself.


To begin on your insulation project and get precise pricing, contact us today. Our fully equipped and knowledgeable team are ready to help fulfil any requirements and questions you have.

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