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Underfloor Insulation Melbourne

When we think of R ratings, we often think of just how energy efficient a home is and what measure of thermal resistance it offers. This  refers to how much heat a home will retain on a cold winter’s day, and how much defence underfloor insulation will provide against heat transfer. A high R Rating ultimately results in greater energy saving and an overall more balanced body temperature at home. Though there are a number of ways you can improve your R rating, today we are going to focus on a modern product known as Foilboard Flexifast.


Foilboard Flexifast is a fastening system that allows for wide flexibility and adjustability. It basically improves your R rating by increasing the air space above your insulation, between existing floor joists. Foilboard Flexifast is easy to install and comes with specially designed prongs, giving you the ability to push the fastened firmly into the desired position, based upon your required R Rating.


Though perfect for underfloor insulation applications, Foilboard Flexifast is also ideal for factory roof C-section purlin, internal walls, double layering, cathedral beams, and steel and timber floor joists.


If you would like to enjoy the benefits of a significantly improved R rating at home, that requires little effort to install, Contact Us today. 

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