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When one thinks of foam insulation, many applications in a home come to mind, including wall, cavity, and ceiling. These are all great uses for foam insulation, however, there is one part of a home that it is truly suited to that often gets neglected–the garage. Generally the least utilised space in a home, the garage can easily turn into a storage space for your belongings and miss out on some much needed maintenance and care. Despite being a less-frequented area in most properties, there are still plenty of compelling reasons to invest in insulation for your garage door, which translate into benefits for the rest of your home.

As your garage door is one of the main entry points between the outside and your home, it is a great regulator of temperature control. When a garage door is not insulated, it is definitely not offering its full potential of climate control. When climate control is lacking, then obviously energy efficiency fails to be at its best. This inevitably results in increased energy bills if one is seeking an optimum temperature in their property.

 Another great reason to consider insulating your garage door is that it promotes greater sound dampening in your home. It will help to block out sounds from outside the property and create good sound absorption from within.

 If you need more information on installing foam insulation on your garage door, call us on 1800 354 717. Foilboard are the go-to experts for all your insulation needs.

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