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Subfloor Installation with FoilBoard

Protecting a property with rigid, durable and long-lasting Foilboard insulation panels will help you stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Foilboard can be used to insulate sub-floor areas to ensure that you maintain the thermal efficiency of your property. Minimise the transfer of heat at the sub-floor level by installing sub-floor insulation and underfloor insulation the right way.

Foilboard is easy to install, requires no maintenance and achieves all year round insulation protection. There are many different types of Foilboard insulation panels with varying R-value ratings. Make sure that you install the right type for your property based on your needs and the property’s environment. The video below showcases a time lapse of installing Foilboard insulation in a sub floor environment. Contact us on 1800 354 717 or use our product selector to find the most appropriate Foilboard product for your residential or commercial building.


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