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insulation basics

When it comes to treating your home for the seasons, we all know that a well-insulated home will do a far better job at keeping the hot air out in summer and the warm air in all throughout the winter months. Did you know, however, that you have a say in how specifically your home is insulated? Once you are equipped with some basic knowledge, you will have the ability to insulate your space in the way you see most fit. This is great news as it empowers you to take charge of the climate of your home and the conditions your family live in. Not only will insulating your property save you money in the long run, but it will ensure that you get to live in a comfortable and temperate home—regardless of which month of the year you are in.

At Foilboard, we have a wide and extensive range of insulation solutions for both new and existing homes. Our unique foil insulation technology operates by slowing down the transfer of heat flow, and ultimately preventing it from penetrating your home on a hot summer’s day. Available in a variety of R-value ratings (a measure of thermal resistance, with the higher value offering greater effectiveness), Foilboard insulation is made up of a reflective foil and polystyrene panels. It can be used with equally outstanding effectiveness in both residential and commercial builds—and it can be installed in underfloors, walls and ceilings. The benefit to selecting Foilboard insulation is that it’s foil layer acts to reflect heat, rather than absorb it.

If you are in an existing home, feel free to take a look at the range of underfloor insulation options available on our website. With many options to select from, there is something available that will suit your space and requirements. If you decide to retrofit, our insulation can achieve a thermal resistance value of 4.34, keeping heat flow in during winter. If, however, you are building a new home, you might want to install insulation from the get-go, and achieve a high level of thermal efficiency right from the start.

When you are ready to fit your new or existing property with insulation, you can visit us at www.foilboard.com.au to find a list of suppliers. Many of our suppliers, such as Bowen Timber, offer many complementary building products to help boost your home’s energy rating, and work to support Foilboard insulation in doing a better job.

For more information and assistance, feel free to browse our product range online, or call us on 1800 354 717. Our team of experienced insulation experts are a great point of contact for all enquiries.


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