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Residential Foilboard Wall Insulation

With so much new development taking place throughout Australia, and particularly in Melbourne, architects, builders and developers are ensuring their projects benefit from Wall Insulation. In fact, wall insulation in Melbourne is being supplied and installed at a massively increased rate since the energy efficiency and overall comfort benefits have been proven.

The two main benefits of wall insulation in Melbourne buildings are;

1. Reduction of Heat Transfer – Energy Efficiency

Throughout Australia, energy efficiency is often the primary reason wall insulation is installed. During extreme temperatures, effective insulation will ensure that internal comfort is maximised all year. On extremely cold days, the outdoor chill will not permeate inside, and heat from heating systems will stay inside for longer. When heat waves take place, as they often do during Australian Summers, wall insulation will help to prevent hot air from entering and keep air conditioning cooling inside. This function of wall insulation means that you will not need to run heating or cooling systems for as long when extreme temperatures occur. Wall insulation will definitely save your money on energy bills.

2. Improved Acoustics and Noise Control

Wall insulation is known to dramatically improve the natural tendency for noise to travel throughout property.  Dampening the noise volume in homes and offices is appealing, but for specialised rooms like parents’ retreats, home theatres and home offices this function can be highly beneficial. Unlike soundproofing, standard wall insulation will not completely block noise but will indeed reduce the volume.

Foilboard Wall Insulation is the preferred choice for wall insulation in new buildings.

If you are seeking advice regarding the best type of wall insulation for your Melbourne project, click here to see your nearest Foilboard Stockist.

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