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Insulating new or existing Cathedral Ceilings can be difficult due to the small cavity sizes.

Foilboard’s® application in Cathedral Ceiling insulation offers the best possible solution by guaranteeing no gaps with correct installation to prevent moisture penetration, corrosion, rot or mould build up as well as high reflectivity to significantly improve a building’s thermal R rating. The patented Foilboard® technology is fully endorsed by Australian standards and is manufactured locally in a state-of the-art facility, ensuring the ultimate quality insulation.

Buildings typically lose vast amounts of thermal efficiency through their roofs and ceilings, making heating and cooling them incredibly expensive and environmentally unsustainable. By installing Foilboard® in Cathedral Ceilings you are optimising the thermal efficiency for the life of the building.
Australia’s extreme whether fluctuations require the highest standard of rigid insulation material to effectively withstand their elements, especially in ceilings and roofs.
Foilboard® introduces NEW Superior 40 as first choice for exceptional commercial project insulation. Superior 40 is designed to satisfy the growing demand for higher R-ratings and energy cost savings, and accommodates the increase in Section-J requirements.
Australian Architects, building companies and DIY home builders are raising the standards of the construction industry by installing Foilboard® insulation in ceilings, walls and underfloor. Create a building which delivers the ultimate comfort and protection with Foilboard® insulation.
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Benefits of Cathedral Ceiling Insulation

  • Cathedral Ceiling insulation promotes thermal efficiency in any building it is installed in
  • The best insulation for ceilings can drastically reduce the cost of your energy bills
  • By installing roof insulation, you will reduce your impact on the environment, as you won’t need to run heating and cooling units as much.
  • Cathedral Ceiling insulation provides a degree of soundproofing wherever installed
  • Your investment in ceiling insulation panels is made back soon after in the form of reduced energy bills.
  • Foilboard Cathedral Ceiling insulation is completely non-toxic and safe for installation and use

How Does Cathedral Ceiling Insulation Work?

Ceiling insulation in Melbourne is standard in new homes nowadays. It is a powerful way to protect your building from the city’s largely unpredictable weather conditions. The way roof insulation works is by acting as a shield between the sun and your property. The outer layer of the foil insulation is a mirror-like surface that reflects the sun’s rays back outside, while keeping the balanced temperature from escaping your home. This simple but effective technology provides many benefits to those who install it in their homes.

How to Install Cathedral Ceiling Insulation?

The process of how to install ceiling insulation is made a breeze with Foilboard Cathedral Ceiling insulation. It can be installed in a property that is under construction, or an existing property (this procedure is known as retrofitting). A Cathedral Ceiling insulation retrofit is usually easier in comparison to underfloor or wall retrofits. If you would like instructions on how to install insulation in the ceiling, or just want more information on the cathedral ceiling insulation installation process, check out this cathedral ceiling insulation installation guide or feel free to call us today on 1800 354 717.

We service Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and all regional Towns in Australia

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Benefits of Foilboard® for Cathedral Ceiling Insulation

  • Insulation that is superior in flexibility and simpler to install
  • Non-allergenic and environmentally friendly, meaning no protective clothing is required during set up
  • Fire resistant for added peace of mind
  • Insulation that can be easily added to existing ceilings to reduce energy costs for the duration of the life of the building
  • Exceeds the compliance standards of the BCA making it the right choice in Australian residential and commercial construction projects of any size
  • Slimline, lightweight, sag and whether resistant.
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