Foilstar Advanced Reflective Insulation

Foilstar is an extremely high performance reflective rigid insulation panel. It consists of a rigid phenolic insulation core manufactured between two layers of highly reflective pure aluminium foil. The exceptionally high level of closed cells and the fine cell structure of the core material give Foilstar its excellent thermal properties and its outstanding fre resistant characteristics. Higher thermal effciency allows reduced insulation thickness to be used thereby saving valuable space and costs.

The aluminium facing of Foilstar contributes to improved thermal performance as the low emissivity surface of the reflective foil reduces heat transfer through joining air spaces. By using highly reflective aluminium foil on both sides of the Foilstar panels a reflective airspace is created, increasing the overall thermal performance of the system.


ProductCore Stock HeldManufactured to Order
   2270mm x 12002270mm x 1200
Foilstar 20Phenolic20 mm  
Foilstar 25 Phenolic25 mm  
Foilstar 30Phenolic30 mm  
Foilstar 40 Phenolic40 mm  
Foilstar 50Phenolic50 mm  
Foilstar 60Phenolic60 mm  
Foilstar 70Phenolic70 mm  
Foilstar 80Phenolic80 mm  
Foilstar 90Phenolic90 mm  
Foilstar 100Phenolic100 mm  

N.B - Custom thicknesses are available

ˆˆˆ Minimum order quantities are required (please contact office for M.O.Q's and lead times)

Foilstar® Performance Guarantee*

  • Extreme high performance rigid insulation panel
  • Wall, floor and roof application
  • Fibre-free insulation core
  • Uniform in appearance
  • BCA compliant
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • High vapour resistance.
  • Outstanding fire resistance
  • CFC/HCFC-free with Zero (ODP)