Concrete Panels Installation Guide

Simple step by step guide to installing Foilboard® GREEN rigid insulation

Step 1

Install ‘Beta Fix’ clips or similar to the wall at between 600-900mm centres.

Step 2

Place the Foilboard® over the clip, teeth from clip will protrude through panel.

Step 3

Lock appropriate furring channel or similar into place over Foilboard®.

Step 4

Tape all joins to create a thermal break.

Step 5

Fix internal lining to furring channel.

Handling and Storage

Calculations are based on the use of the ‘Beta Fix’ bracket and Rondo 129 (1 mm and 28mm furring channels) available through RONDO® and all good plaster suppliers.

Instructions are a guideline only and should be interpreted with consideration for the specific building application. Alternative installation methods may be used provided the airspaces adjacent to the Foilboard® are maintained and the material is non load bearing. Please contact Foilboard Australia Pty Ltd for further information. Safe installation practices are encouraged at all times.

It is recommend that if the product is being stored for extended periods it should be kept clean and dry. Any moisture present between sheets should be dried to prevent potential oxidization and must not be stored with either foil surface in contact with any alkaline materials.

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Designing a Building?

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