Flexifast Fastener Installation Guide

Simple step by step guide to installing Foilboard® GREEN rigid insulation

Step 1

Measure the distance between joists (from inside edge to inside edge) and cut Foilboard® to suit required width

Step 2

Place Foilboard® Flexifast® clips at 600mm centres along the Foilboard® panels edge. (Foilboard® can be installed with either the silver face or green face exposed)

Step 3

Slide the Foilboard® GREEN rigid panel between the joist to the desired depth. (foilboard® can be installed with either the silver face or green face exposed)

Step 4

Use a 6g screw or nail to fix the Flexifast® clip to the slides of the joists.

Step 5

Use either Foilboard® green tape or silver tape to seal all butt joins between the panels, along with any minor gaps.

Required to install

Foilboard® Flexifast clip

Either Foilboard® PVC or Aluminium joining tape

Retractable Blade / Knife

Foilboard ® Tips

  • Imbedding the spikes of the Flexifast® clip into the FR-EPS core foam secures the panel in position, ensuring quick and easy installation of the panel
  • To minimise wastage, cut across the width of the panel (making each cut panel 1200mm long)
  • You can use a neutral cure silicon to seal any minor gaps
  • When marking out the panel, round up the measurement by 1- 2mm, this will ensure a snug fit and allow for any slight variation in the joists

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Designing a Building?

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