Garage Door Insulation Installation Guide

Simple step by step guide to installing Foilboard® GREEN rigid Garage Door insulation

Step 1

Foilboard® GREEN rigid insulation panels should be installed to the internal face of the garage door.

Step 2

Mark the measurements out on the Foilboard® GREEN rigid insulation panel, using the gridlines as a guide. Using a straight edge and a sharp blade/knife, cut the rigid panel to size (width ways will ensure less wastage).

Step 3

Use Foilboard® spacer blocks to maintain an airspace between the Foilboard® and the garage door to increase insulation performance.

Step 4

Position the Foilboard®  against the metal garage door tilt panel spacer blocks using suitable high temperature resistant adhesive/silicone. Foilboard® should be butted hard up and/or inside of for framework where possible.

Step 5

Tape any penetrations or joins with Foilboard® Silver insulation tape, to minimise hot/cold air transfer. Foilboard® comes in a range of thicknesses to suit any project.

Handling and Storage

Required to install

Foilboard® Silver joining tape

cavity wall insulation

Spacer Blocks (Optional)

Foilboard ® Tips

  • Install the Foilboard® with the silver side facing out. This will retain brightness of the garage space.
  • Fill in any remaining sections with smaller off cuts to help minimise wastage
  • Using Foilboard® Spacer blocks to provide an air cavity greatly increases insulation performance

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Designing a Building?

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