Garage Door Insulation Installation Guide

Simple step by step guide to installing Foilboard® GREEN rigid Garage Door insulation

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Installation Guide

Insulate your garage door with Foilboard® Rigid Panel Insulation

Garage Door Insulation


Required to install

1.Foilboard Spacer Blocks FB 071

2.Foilboard Silver Tape FB 062


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Australian made


Easy to install

High thermal efficiency

Rigid insulation

Size of sheet 2400x1200

Coverage 2.88m2

Installing FOILBOARD®

Behind Garage Door:

1.Measure the width of each horizontal panel and cut the FOILBOARD® Green 15 to size using a straight edge and Snap Blade Knife. The FOILBOARD®

should be cut across the width for ease of installation.

2.Using FOILBOARD Silver Insulation Tape seal all exposed edges of the FOILBOARD®.

3.Using FOILBOARD Spacer Blocks stick Spacer Blocks to one side of the FOILBOARD®.

4.Using a suitable High Temperature Resistant

adhesive / silicone, adhere the FOILBOARD® to the inside of the Metal Tilt Panel. (Place high temp adhesive / silicone to the Spacer Blocks only)

5.Repeat the above 4 steps for all Panels.

Tape all joins with Foilboard® Silver Insulation tape.

Using FOILBOARD® Spacer Blocks with the FOILBOARD® will provide an Air Cavity that greatly increases the insulation performance.

FOILBOARD® comes in a range of thicknesses to suit any project. Visit the website for details.

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