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Joining Tape

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Spacer Blocks

FOILBOARD Silver side with Taped Edge

Inside, Before

Inside, After

Installing FOILBOARD behind Metal Tilt Panels:

1.Measure 1 Metal Tilt Panel and cut to size the FOILBOARD (minimum 15mm FOILBOARD recommended, see picture) using a Snap Blade Knife.

2.Using FOILBOARD Silver High Temperature Tape (See picture) tape all edges of the FOILBOARD.

3.Using FOILBOARD Spacer Blocks (See picture) stick Spacer Blocks to one side of the FOILBOARD at approx 200mm apart. (See Picture)

4.Using a suitable High Temperature Resistant adhesive / silicone, adhere the FOILBOARD to the inside of the Metal Tilt Panel. (Place high temp adhesive / silicone to the Spacer Blocks only)

5.Repeat the above 4 steps for all Metal Tilt Panels.


Using FOILBOARD Spacer Blocks with the FOILBOARD will provide an Air Cavity that greatly increases the insulation performance.

You can direct fix thicker FOILBOARD behind the Metal Tilt Panels for a good Insulation performance also.

Please ensure you use FOILBOARD High Temerature Resistant Tape and a Temperature Resistant Adhesive/Silicone when installing FOILBOARD behind.

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