Suspended Slab Insulation Installation Guide

Commercial - Foilboard Insulation

Simple step by step guide to installing Foilboard® GREEN rigid Suspended Slab insulation installation

Step 1

Foilboard® GREEN rigid insulation panel should be installed to the internal face of the concrete or batten. Measure the area you require.

Step 2

Mark the measurements out on the Foilboard® GREEN rigid insulation panel, using the gridlines as a guide. Using a straight edge and a sharp blade/knife, cut the rigid panel to size.

Step 3

Install full sheets to concrete floor with mechanical fasteners. Foilboard® can be installed directly to the concrete or fixed to a batten.

Step 4

Fasten the insulation panel to the stud work with the Foilboard® fasteners using approx, 5-6 per m2 using either a hammer or a drill as required.

Step 5

Tape all penetration, joints and gaps using Foilboard® Green or Silver tape.

Handling and Storage

Instructions are a guideline only and should be interpreted with consideration for the specific building application. Alternative installation methods may be used provided the airspaces adjacent to the Foilboard® are maintained and the material is non load bearing. All Penetrations must be effectively sealed to reduce any risk of damage caused by possible exposure to extreme radiant heat. Please contact Foilboard Australia Pty Ltd for further information. Safe installation practices are encouraged at all times.

It is recommend that if the product is being stored for extended periods it should be kept clean and dry. Any moisture present between sheets should be dried to prevent potential oxidization and must not be stored with either foil surface in contact with any alkaline materials.

Required to install

Use Foilboard® Standard Fasteners (timber frame) for Foilboard® GREEN 10 & GREEN 15 OR

Use Foilboard® Ultra Fasteners for Foilboard® GREEN 20 & GREEN 25

(Use Timber or Steel fasteners depending on application)

Foilboard® Green joining or Silver Tape

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Designing a Building?

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