Underfloor Insulation (Saddle) Installation Guide

Underfloor Insulation

Simple step by step guide to installing Foilboard® Green Rigid Underfloor Insulation (Saddle)

Step 1

Measure distance between joists (from the inside edge to the inside edge) and cut Foilboard® to suit the width.

Step 2

Place the Foilboard® Floor Saddles at 600mm centres along each of the floor joist. (the internal spikes will assist keeping the saddles in place until covered by the flooring).

Step 3

Position the cut Foilboard panels into place from above, ensuring the green anti-glare surface faces up.

Step 4

Using Foilboard® green tape, seal all butt joins between the panels, along with any minor gaps.

Step 5

Seal end of joists with off-cut sections of Foilboard® GREEN rigid panel in a vertical position to enclose the airspace.

Required to install

Underfloor Insulation

Foilboard® Floor Saddles N.B – The top shoulder of the floor saddle is 1mm thick, ensuring that it will be embedded with the glue line and will not obstruct the flooring.

Melbourne Underfloor Insulation

Foilboard® Green joining tape

Underfloor Insulation

Retractable Blade / Knife

Foilboard ® Tips

  • When marking out the panel, round up the measurement by 1 - 2mm, this will ensure a snug fit and allow for any slight variation in the joists
  • There is no need to nail down the saddle, they will be secured in place once the flooring is laid
  • You can use a neutral cure silicon to seal any minor gaps
  • To minimise wastage, cut across the width of the panel (making each cut panel 1200mm long)
  • The use of floor saddles will not obstruct the flooring as the shoulder of the saddle is only 1mm thick and will be embedded within the glue line of the flooring

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