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Manufactured in a state-of-the-art local facility, Foilboard® is the new generation of rigid reflective foil laminate technology, which can be easily customised to suit your Caravan insulation application.

Specifically designed for your caravan, Foilboard® insulation is the result of years spent designing and manufacturing the perfect slimline solution for adding insulation to a caravan. Our team of designers had one goal in mind: to make the best insulation for caravans. Offering so much more than thermal protection, our fully patented insulation sheets are the best insulation for caravans available today.

Despite being a relatively new product, Foilboard® insulation panels have quickly become the preferred choice for numerous individuals who enjoy traveling or relaxing in their caravans, seeking highly effective caravan insulation solutions in Australia. Foilboard® Insulation enables our clients to maintain balanced temperatures year-round. By installing Foilboard® insulation boards, they ensure greater comfort for themselves and their families.

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Foilboard® Insulation is now available in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and all regional towns in Australia.

Foilboard® Insulation can be used in;

Caravan Roof Insulation

Foilboard® is designed to effectively insulate for multiple applications, including the caravan roof. Our state of the art, lightweight insulation can be installed in your caravan roof during construction or renovation to keep the heat away during the hot summer months.

Underfloor Caravan Insulation

If you were wondering how to insulate a caravan floor, look no further. Foilboard® is designed to increase livability and comfort in your caravan, so that you have a place to relax and enjoy no matter what time of the year it is.

Caravan Wall Insulation

Foilboard® is effective in increasing thermal resistance when installed in caravan walls. Whether you want to know how to insulate a static caravan walls, or a portable caravan—Foilboard® is the optimal solution. Given how easy it is to work with our insulation, you will find yourself spending less time fitting and more time unwinding.

Retrofit Insulation

For existing caravans without any floor insulation, Foilboard® is a perfect option to improve thermal efficiency and keep the energy costs for your caravan down. It can be easily installed and result in a range of great benefits for you and your family.

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Benefits of Caravan Insulation

Some caravan insulation benefits include:

  • Keeping the heat out of your caravan during summer, and keeping it in during winter.
  • The recouping of caravan insulation costs in the savings generated from not using air conditioners and heaters.
  • A lessening of your environmental impact once you stop running your appliances as much.
  • Soundproofing by adding layers of insulation to your caravan
  • The safety that results from our insulation sheets being totally non-toxic. They can be when handled, installed and used with great peace of mind.
  • Providing the best organic weather protection for you and your family, regardless of where you travel or where your caravan rests.

How Does Caravan Insulation Work?

Foilboard® for Caravan Insulation is the perfect slimline solution for adding insulation to your caravan. Being lightweight and easy to cut to size, it works by acting as a radiant barrier that reflects the heat away from your caravan, in addition to insulating the core. It can be fitted under your floors, in your walls and in your caravan roof. This can be done during construction or renovation, and in some cases you can retrofit underfloor insulation in your caravan if you’re looking to improve comfort down the line.

How to Install Caravan Insulation?

When it comes to installing Foilboard® for Caravan Insulation, the process has been made as easy and simple as possible. The exact process of fitting Foilboard® in a caravan is going to be based on your unique circumstances. Are you installing it during caravan construction, renovation, or wanting to retrofit? Some people ask us how to insulate a caravan for winter, and the good news is, because to the multipurpose nature of our insulation, it doubles as protection in both cold and heat. For clear and detailed instructions on how to install Foilboard® for Caravan Insulation, please contact us on 1800 354 717.

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What is Caravan Insulation?

Caravan insulation protects the occupants in the caravan from varying external temperatures and climate conditions. Caravans are mobile vehicles that transport family and friends to holiday and recreational destinations for a fun time out. To ensure that the caravan maintains a comfortable internal temperature, insulation panels can be installed in caravan roofs, floors and walls. This helps to protect the occupants from the outer environment and allow comfortable living conditions all year round.

Why Choose Caravan Insulation?

Insulating your caravan is important. Not all caravans have optimal insulation features to maintain thermal efficiency. This can cause the running costs of the caravan to increase because additional electricity needs to be consumed to power air-conditioning during the summer and heating during the winter. Provided the caravan has been designed correctly, insulation panels can be installed after purchase to improve thermal control and allow for better living conditions.

Caravan Insulation FAQ's

  • What is the best insulation for a caravan?

    The best insulation for a caravan is Foilboard insulation panels that offer thermal protection, enhanced temperature control and a more comfortable atmosphere inside the caravan. Caravans are recreational and mobile vehicles, so it is important you choose the best insulation product.

  • How to insulate a caravan floor?

    To insulate the floor of a caravan, you can install insulation under the flooring panels. Our Foilboard insulation sheets can be custom designed to fit perfectly under the floor of any caravan to ensure that the caravan regulates thermal temperature through the flooring.

  • How much does it cost to install caravan insulation?

    The cost to install caravan insulation depends on the type of insulation required, the de-fit and re-fit costs and the size of the caravan. To install insulation in the roof, walls and floors of the caravan, the caravan’s panels must be removed carefully to lay and fix the insulation sheets into place.

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Benefits of Foilboard® for Caravan Insulation

  • Foilboard® is impervious to moisture and offers impressive R-value ratings.
  • It simply clicks into place using a patented lock-in flap design to save time and labour.
  • Reduces waste by allowing the re-use of off cuts.
  • Resists wind and vermin by preventing air infiltration from gaps and air pockets.
  • Offers high thermal resistance to the intense weather fluctuations commonly experienced in Australia.
  • Foilboard® for Caravan Insulation goes above and beyond BCA requirements with a 6-star energy rating, guaranteed for the life of the caravan.
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