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Caravan Insulation

Caravans are part of a great Aussie tradition.

Hitching your caravan to your car and taking it around our great country is a relaxing and low-cost way to enjoy the holidays.

Despite caravans being a low cost form of travel, they still require maintenance and proper care to ensure your travel remains stress free.

An increasingly popular way to ensure enjoy every moment in your caravan paradise, is by insulating your caravan to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer

By their very nature, caravans are often exposed to the harsh realities of Australian weather. To ensure you can enjoy yours all year round, caravan insulation is a must.

If your caravan is an older model, this is particularly important as many older models do not come with great insulation built into the structure.

The most common questions around caravan insulation centre on, what materials can you use to insulate your caravan? What parts of the caravan do you need to insulate?

At Foilboard, we have a number of suggestions and recommendations to help you get the most out of your caravan insulation. We can start by running through a number of commonly asked questions on caravan insulation.

What parts of the caravan should be insulated?

There are a number of options when looking to insulate your caravan.  At Foilboard, we recommend reviewing the following choices depending on your current setup:

  • Caravan Roof Insulation
  • Caravan Windows Insulation
  • Caravan Wall Insulation
  • Caravan Floor Insulation

Although many caravan owners only consider insulating the walls, there are many advantages of ensuring that the roof, floors, and windows are similarly well insulated. We would suggest consulting a specialist on the best material to use as well as how to install it in your caravan. You can always send us an email at technical@foilboard.com.au and we can try answer any questions you have.

Caravan Floor Insulation

Insulating panels can be installed to the floor by building a subfloor with battens. The panels can be installed between these battens to provide insulation. This will help keep the heat out in the summer and keep your toes warm on those chilly outback nights.

Windows Caravan Insulation

Caravan windows can be tinted and it is also good practice to use curtains to reduce heat transfer. Single-pane windows can be replaced with double-glazed acrylic units, and shade awnings can be used on larger windows.

Caravan Roof Insulation

To minimise the amount of heat radiating into the ceiling, the roof may be fitted with reflective insulating material.

By insulating all three main areas of your caravan you are able to protect your caravan from all the outside elements, all the time.

What materials to use for caravan insulation

Just as there is a wide range of insulation materials available for a house, there are also a wide range of materials you can use for caravan insulation.

Before we get into the specific materials you can choose from, you should understand what an R-value is.

R value represents the material’s thermal resistance. It is a measure of how well the material resists heat transfer. The higher the R value, the higher the thermal resistance.

Foilboard for Caravan Insulation

Foilboard® for Caravan Insulation is the culmination of years of research and development into the ideal slimline option for applying insulation to a caravan.

Foilboard® is resistant to moisture and has high R-value ratings.

Our designers set out with one goal in mind: to create the best caravan insulation possible for our customers.

Our caravan insulation sheets are the finest caravan insulation available today, providing far more than just thermal protection.

Despite being a relatively recently developed product, Foilboard® for Caravan insulation panels are proving to be the preferred choice for a large number of travellers.  Those who caravan owners who are seeking a cost effective and long term solution are choosing Foilboard® for their caravanning around Australia.

Some of the general feedback we have received from our clients include;

  • Enjoying balanced temperatures all year long thanks to Foilboard® for Caravan Insulation.
  • Ensuring greater comfort for themselves and their families as they travel through the different regions of Australia
  • No maintenance and changes required after installation

Foilboard is a leading supplier of caravan insulation in Melbourne and a top-rated caravan insulation supplier.

Choosing Foilboard for your Caravan Insulation

If you are interested in learning more about Foilboard® for Caravan Insulation, you can learn more via Caravan Insulation page on our website.

If you have any purchasing queries or want to learn more about our product, you can always contact us for more information on 1800 354 717 or visit our website.

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