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Manufactured in a state-of-the-art local facility, Foilboard® is the new generation of rigid reflective foil laminate technology, which can be easily customised to suit your Garage insulation application.

In many homes, the garage plays a key role. Other than being a place to park your vehicles, it often winds up operating as an extra living area, a man cave, or a teen retreat. It is commonly transformed into a sanctuary for members of the family. Because your garage is more than just a spot to leave your cars, we’ve created Foilboard® for Garage Insulation, so that you can maximise your comfort. Even if you choose to use a garage for its intended purpose, installing insulation in garage adds an extra layer of thermal protection to your property and acts effectively to protect the core of your home from extreme hot and cold.

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Foilboard® for Garage Insulation can be used in;

Garage Ceiling Insulation

We truly believe that Foilboard® is the best way to insulate garage ceiling. Not only is it lightweight, but it offers the defence of reflecting heat away, while acting to create an insulating core in your ceiling. If you’re looking to improve your property’s thermal efficiency with the best insulation for garage ceiling, look no further.

Garage Door Insulation

Our garage door insulation panels are both slimline and extremely effective, ensuring that your door is strongly armed to protect your home from the intrusion of extreme heat and cold. Thankfully, we’ve also made installing garage door insulation a breeze.

Concrete Floor Insulation

If you need to insulate those cool concrete floors, Foilboard® for Garage Insulation is designed to help your garage become more comfortable. There are a couple of ways to retrofit your concrete floors, including installing the insulation over the top. If you would like to find out more, contact us today on 1800 354 717.

Garage Insulation For Wall

Our garage insulation is extremely effective when installed in your garage walls. As a matter of fact, it exceeds BCA requirements and is guaranteed for the life of your building with correct installation.

Benefits of Garage Insulation

Some of Foilboard® for Garage insulation benefits include:

  • The cost to insulate garage, including garage door insulation cost, are generally recouped in the long term.
  • Having various Garage insulation R values to choose from, including the perfect one for your garage.
  • Helping keep the heat in during winter months.
  • Being the best garage door insulation for heat available, ensuring your home and garage are as well prepared as possible against external weather conditions.
  • After reducing the amount of time you run your energy appliances, you will reduce your carbon footprint.
  • After installing insulation in garage, your home is more soundproof.
  • insulation provides a degree of soundproofing to any property in which it is installed.
  • Complete safety, as all materials contain no harmful fibres and are safe for installation and use.
  • Being fire retardant, meaning it is not susceptible to catching on fire.

How Does Garage Insulation Work?

Foilboard® for Garage Insulation works once it is fitted into your walls, ceiling, floors and garage door. It uses a radiant barrier to reflect heat away from your property, while still creating an insulating core wherever it is installed. This means that your property is protected from heat penetration in multiple ways. Foilboard® for Garage Insulation can be installed during construction and renovations on your garage door, in your ceiling and walls. It can also be retrofitted in your floors at some point after your garage is already fully constructed.

How to Install Garage Insulation?

Installing Foilboard® for Garage Insulation is a simple process, once you have the right tools, knowledge and expertise. Depending on how you want to install Foilboard® for Garage Insulation (during the construction of a new garage or in an existing one), the exact process will vary slightly. However; cutting, measuring and fitting the insulation sheets is still a breeze. If you would like detailed step-by-step instructions for installing Foilboard® for Garage Insulation, please contact us on 1800 354 717.

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Benefits of Foilboard® for Garage Insulation

  • Foilboard® is impervious to moisture and offers impressive R-value ratings
  • It simply clicks into place using a patented lock-in flap design to save time and labour.
  • Reduces waste by allowing the re-use of off cuts.
  • Resists wind and vermin by preventing air infiltration from gaps and air pockets.
  • Offers high thermal resistance to the intense weather fluctuations commonly experienced in Australia.
  • Foilboard® for Garage Insulation goes above and beyond BCA requirements with a 6-star energy rating, guaranteed for the life of the garage.
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