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Foilboard’s® application to wall insulation both in residential and commercial buildings is proving to be the best choice available in the industry.

It’s major benefit in wall insulation application, is that its installation dramatically speeds up the construction process by allowing full protection against weather conditions so that internal trades can proceed works without waiting for brickwork or cladding to be completed.

Foilboard® for wall insulation is currently being used in forward thinking Architecturally designed constructions by prominent building companies. Its application in wall insulation is proving valuable across all types of building projects; such as apartment buildings and towers, commercial offices and shopping centres, schools, factories and modern smart homes and townhouses for its many effective benefits.

Foilboard® for Wall Insulation can be used in;

Brick Veneer

Outstanding in ensuring an effective thermal barrier to keep environment cool in summer and warm in winter, significantly reducing heating and cooling costs

Cavity Walls

Lightweight and easily customised to suit all Cavity Walls

Concrete Walls

Foilboard® can be easily adapted to create dual reflective airspaces within concrete walls increasing thermal and energy efficiency

Cladded Walls

Slimline and quick to install within Cladded Walls

New Patented Flexifast® Fastener Technology

Simplify your next installation with Flexifast®. Our new insulation fastening system is fast, easy to use and extremely flexible, adjusting effortlessly to suit your application.

Safer for you and the environment

Foilboard® is non-allergenic and free from harmful fibres, making it safer to install. It also has no toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is fire-resistant for added peace of mind.

Use our Product Selector to find which Foilboard® Product is most suitable.

Benefits of Cavity Wall Insulation

  • Cavity Wall Insulation Perth reduces the energy consumption of your building in hot and cold conditions
  • Increased thermal efficiency resulting in more balanced temperatures in your building all year round
  • The initial investment in wall insulation is recouped by savings in heating and cooling bills
  • Wall insulation panels help to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption
  • When installed during the construction phase of a Perth home, project build time is reduced
  • Cavity Wall Insulation is completely non-toxic and safe for installation and use in a building

How Does Cavity Wall Insulation Work?

Thermal wall insulation acts as a shield that protects your home from heat penetration, by acting as a radiant barrier, by reducing convection by sealing the building and reducing conduction by reducing heat transfer. Insulation for walls is essential in ensuring that very little heat is transferred into your building by radiation, convection or conduction. There are a few different types of wall insulation, and the costs vary depending on whether you are insulating a home under construction or an existing home. The retrofit wall insulation cost tends to be a little higher as you are fitting in an already built home however, you will still save in energy bills over the long term.

Cavity Wall Insulation for Perth Homes

If you’re looking for high quality foil based insulation, you’ve come to the right place. For decades we’ve been manufacturing some of the best wall insulation in Perth, providing thousands of homes in the city with organic and effective climate control. Over the last ten years, the rate of properties with wall insulation in Australia has increased significantly, with many new homes coming equipped with insulation. If you want to increase the comfort levels in your home for you and your family, cavity wall insulation in Perth is a must. To install cavity wall insulation in your existing home, contact us today, as it may be possible to retrofit wall insulation.

Installing wall insulation is a breeze when done with the right materials and preparation. Whether you want to install wall insulation during the construction phase of a building or fix insulation in existing walls, this process can be done relatively easily. The cavity wall insulation cost is dependent on a few factors, including the R-value rating you require, the size of the building in question, and whether it is for a new or existing home. Existing homes may require retrofitting brick wall insulation. For more information on wall insulation installation, contact us today on 1800 354 717.

We service Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and all regional Towns in Australia

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What is Wall Insulation?

Wall insulation is a type of insulation product that is installed in wall cavities or behind plasterboard sheets to improve the thermal efficiency of the property. Poorly insulated walls can cause temperature variations and climate changes since walls cover large spaces and are often exposed to the external environment. To avoid experiencing uncomfortable temperature variations, it is recommended that the walls are insulated with quality insulation materials to maintain a comfortable living environment.

Who Choose Wall Insulation?

Walls should be insulated to avoid compromising the thermal efficiency of the property. Manage internal temperature and avoid unpleasant draughts and humid conditions with wall insulation products. Provided the property is appropriately ventilated and well-sealed with insulation sheets, you will notice considerable differences including enhanced comfort, lower electricity bills and improved health of occupants.

Wall Insulation FAQ's

Check out the FAQs about Wall Insulation here.

  • Where to buy rigid foam insulation?

    Rigid foam insulation can be purchased from insulation specialists, including Foilboard. Engaging a professional to install rigid foam insulation will ensure the project is completed properly.

  • Which insulation is best for walls?

    There is no one type insulation product that is best for walls. The type of wall, design of the property and external environment all effect the type of insulation that should be installed. A professional can assess your property and make a recommendation.

  • What is cavity wall insulation?

    Insulation can be installed within the wall cavities. When the insulation sheets are cut to size, they can then be fixed and sealed into place with heavy duty Foilboard tape.

  • How to insulate walls without cavity?

    Walls can be insulated where no cavity exists. Foilboard sheets can be applied to the frame or wall and then covered with plasterboard sheets to complete the room.

  • How to insulate existing walls?

    Existing walls can be insulated with a few modifications. To access the wall cavities, the room will need to be cleared and wall plaster removed. Walls can be insulated with many insulation materials depends on consumer preference, building specifications and expert advice.

  • How to fit insulation board to walls?

    Insulation boards can be placed in between the battens for a tailored fit. With Foilboard tape, the sheets can be sealed to offer a complete thermal barrier. This will enhance the thermal efficiency of the property as all areas as covered.

  • How much does cavity wall insulation cost?

    The cost of cavity wall insulation depends on the size of the walls, the type of insulation, the design of the home and the property’s external environment. Before installing, the property needs to be assessed so that the right insulation product is installed to deliver optimal thermal efficiency.

Wall Insulation Reviews

Great service and surprisingly affordable insulation panels. I fitted them in my home recently & am planning on getting them for my office as well.

– Jeremy S.

Benefits of Foilboard® for Wall Insulation

  • Insulation that acts as a weather proof shield with high thermal resistance
  • Lightweight and safe to handle
  • Fully endorsed by Australian Standards
  • Foilboard® keeps R Rating maximised when properly installed by preventing air infiltration from gaps and air pockets
  • Guaranteed for the life of the building when installed correctly using our patented fasteners
  • Eliminates thermal bridging and saves you energy and costs.
  • A superior solution that goes above and beyond energy efficiency requirements of BCA
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