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brick wall insulation

It is crucial to insulate cavity brick walls in your Australian property in order to keep your environment protected from extreme temperature fluctuations. With many cavity wall insulation products available, the choice is not always straightforward. With recent advancements in insulation technology, rigid and reflective high quality insulation panels are becoming a favoured alternative for installation in cavity walls.

Why are insulation panels an ideal alternative?

Quick installation – High quality reflective insulation panels are proving to be extremely easy to handle, non-toxic, lightweight and slim-line for the most efficient cavity wall installation possible.

Customised to Suit any Cavity Wall – Unlike bulk and traditional insulation materials, rigid panelling can be cut precisely to size which ensures perfect coverage with no gaps or air penetration.

Energy Efficient Thermal Ratings – New age versatile insulation panels offer superior thermal performance and exceed the minimum R-rating Australian requirements.

Cost Effective – By choosing to install rigid reflective insulation panelling in your cavity wall, you will save on material and labour costs as well as increase the energy efficiency within your property, which benefits you financially for years to come.

For forward thinking DIY builders, architects and professional building contractors, choosing the best insulation product is essential to maximising the comfort and enjoyment within a space.

Take a moment to explore the many benefits of Foilboard Insulation for your upcoming project. With a huge range of applications, and manufactured in Australia in a state of the art facility, you will be giving your property the best insulation solution.

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