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Manufactured in a state-of-the-art local facility, Foilboard® is the new generation of rigid reflective foil laminate technology, which can be easily customised to suit your underfloor insulation application.

Offering so much more than thermal protection, this fully patented technology is the best choice for underfloor insulation solutions. The advantages of Foilboard® for underfloor insulation are quickly being recognized by innovative and well-known architects and building companies across Australia as well as savvy DIY builders. They are installing this cost-effective underfloor insulation technology to increase the overall R-ratings and comfort standards of their home and building projects.

We service Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and all regional Towns in Australia

Foilboard® for Underfloor Insulation can be used in;

Retrofit Insulation

For existing sites without any floor insulation, Foilboard® is a perfect option to improve thermal resistance and reduce energy costs within a home or building. It can be easily installed by accessing the underside of the building and fixed to the underside of joists using our patented Flexifit® fasteners.

Timber Floor Insulation

Safe, quick and easy to install without the need for stapling, stringing, or gluing.

Concrete Floor Insulation

Foilboard® is rigid and slimline and will not sag, shrink or delaminate over time. Lightweight and simple to install, it is ideal for bulk installation under concrete flooring of any size.

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Benefits of Foilboard® for Underfloor Insulation

  • Foilboard® is impervious to moisture and offers impressive R-value ratings.
  • Simply clicks into place using a patented lock-in flap design to save time and labour
  • Reduces waste by allowing re-use of off cuts
  • Resists wind and vermin by preventing air infiltration from gaps and air pockets
  • Offers high thermal resistance to intense weather fluctuations commonly experienced in Australia.
  • Underfloor insulation that goes above and beyond BCA requirements with a 6-star energy rating, guaranteed for the life of the building
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