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Underfloor Insulation

Underfloor Insulation FAQs

With the extreme weather conditions in Melbourne, underfloor insulation is highly recommended to keep your property comfortable and protected from chills and heatwaves. Here are some common questions answered by a Melbourne Insulation Expert from Foilboard;

1. We have recently pulled up our carpet to reveal stunning timber floors, but they have gaps and cracks, would insulation help to reduce air penetration?

Often, during Melbourne renovations floor cracks are discovered. Luckily, retrofitting underfloor insulation is straightforward when using rigid insulation panels like Foilboard. They can be secured using lock in fasteners which will eliminate the chance of gaps and enhance the climate stability within the space.

2. Can concrete floors benefit from underfloor insulation?

Absolutely. Whilst concrete floors can absorb and maintain a level of heat, during prolonged cold periods they prove to be less than inviting. Slab edge insulation and complete coverage using rigid panels will create a thermal barrier against air penetration to improve climate control within your Melbourne property.

3. Installing underfloor insulation is not cheap, is it worth it?

Keep in mind that installing underfloor insulation in a new or existing building is something that, if done professionally using a good quality insulating material, only needs to be done once. Also, high quality products like Foilboard are guaranteed for the life of the building. You will save on energy costs, as you will not be losing heat through your floors in winter or allowing excessive heat to penetrate during Melbournes summer months.

Ultimately, there is no greater measure of value than enjoying and being comfortable in your property.

4. How do I know which insulation product is right for my underfloor needs?

With so many different insulation products on the market in Melbourne, it can be hard to know whats best. The BCA has set standards for the industry, so a good place to start is to understand the industry requirements. Research the various products on the market, and see whether the specified applications match yours. Generally, a companys website will offer plenty of relevant information to help you decide, and they will display a contact number to allow some expert phone advice.

5. Do Melbourne Residential and Commercial or Warehouse buildings use the same insulation products?

It is typical of insulation materials to be recommended for different uses. However, within one brand, there are often varieties of products which are specifically designed for certain projects. In the Foilboard range, there are tailored options to suit every possible application from DIY flooring to warehouse ceiling and wall insulation. Click here to see the product range here.

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