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Manufactured in a state-of-the-art local facility, Foilboard® is the new generation of rigid reflective foil laminate technology, which can be easily customised to suit your underfloor insulation application.

Offering so much more than thermal protection, this fully patented technology is the best choice for underfloor insulation solutions.

The advantages of Foilboard® for underfloor insulation are quickly being recognised by innovative and well-known architects and building companies across Australia as well as savvy DIY builders. They are installing this cost-effective under floor insulation technology to increase the overall R-ratings and comfort standards of their home and building projects.

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Under floor Insulation Installation Guide

Foilboard® for Underfloor Insulation can be used in;

Retrofit Insulation

For existing sites without any floor insulation, Foilboard® is a perfect option to improve thermal resistance and reduce energy costs within a home or building. It can be easily installed by accessing the underside of the building and fixed to the underside of joists using our patented Flexifit® fasteners.

Timber Floor Insulation

Safe, quick and easy to install without the need for stapling, stringing, or gluing.

Concrete Floor Insulation

Foilboard® is rigid and slimline and will not sag, shrink or delaminate over time. Lightweight and simple to install, it is ideal for bulk installation under concrete flooring of any size.

Floor Insulation for Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is an energy efficient and cost effective way of increasing comfort to your home in the colder periods in Australia. Installing underfloor heating in an existing house is not a complicated task and can help to lower energy bills because the radiant heat rises throughout the home. There are retrofit options that are readily available. It is recommended to insulate under floors that are heated to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the underfloor heating.

Underfloor Insulation for Timber Floors

Timber floors should be insulated underneath to maximise the thermal efficiency of the property. Under timber floor insulation helps to minimise air to flow in and out of the property and increase the comfort inside the property. Insulating timber floor with Foilboard insulation panels and tape help to provide complete coverage to seal the floor from the external elements. Whether your floor is suspended timber floor or laid on joists over a concrete slab, there are many timber floor insulation options to choose from.

Use our Product Selector to find which Foilboard® Product is most suitable

What is Underfloor Insulation?

If you live in Australia, you may already know that underfloor insulation is a must. Given the often harsh and volatile changes in our climate, we need to ensure that the living conditions in our homes are protected from external weather conditions.

Under floor insulation offers thermal efficiency in your home and creates a comfortable environment for all those living in it.

Benefits of Underfloor Insulation

  • Underfloor insulation prevents a large amount of heat from escaping from the floor
  • The best underfloor insulation solutions can drastically reduce the cost of your energy bills
  • After reducing the amount of time you run your energy appliances, you will reduce your carbon footprint
  • Under floor insulation provides a degree of soundproofing to any property in which it is installed
  • Foilboard under floor insulation is completely non-toxic and safe for installation and use
  • Protection for your property from external weather conditions.

How Does Under floor Insulation Work?

If you are interested in understanding how under floor insulation works and finding how to insulate your underfloor–look no further.

You can either install under-floor insulation panels when you are in the construction phase of a building, or you can retrofit under floor insulation in an existing property.

A certain amount of heat escapes through the floor, while cool air tends to pool down there. By installing under floor insulation you are keeping the desired air in and the undesired air out.

A great advantage of this is that the under-floor insulation cost is quickly recouped after installation, as once your home is well insulated—you tend to stop running your heaters and coolers so much.

How to Install Underfloor Insulation?

When it comes to the question of how to install floor insulation, the procedure itself is quite simple. With a few basic tools, the right conditions, and some confidence in the area of DIY handiwork, you can install underfloor foil insulation with ease.

The exact process of underfloor foil insulation installation will depend on whether you are fixing it into a building under construction, or existing property.

For clear instructions on how to install underfloor insulation, check out this underfloor insulation installation guide or contact us on 1800 354 717.


How To Measure & Cut Foilboard installation


How to Attach Flexifast For Underfloor Insulation


Why Choose Underfloor Insulation?

  • It saves you money in the long run
  • It reduces your carbon footprint
  • It’s non-toxic
  • It’s extremely easy to install when building
  • It protects your property from external weather conditions

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Underfloor Insulation FAQs

Following are some of the common questions asked about under floor foil insulation. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us.

  • Is underfloor insulation effective?

    Yes. Our underfloor insulation utilises the latest in foil insulation technology to create an effective barrier between your property and external weather conditions.

  • How does under floor insulation work?

    Under floor insulation works by keeping cold air from seeping into your house through the floorboards, while keeping warm air in.

  • Does under floor insulation make a difference?

    Yes, under floor insulation makes a great difference in improving the thermal efficiency of your home and helping you to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • What is the best insulation for underfloor?

    The best insulation for underfloor depends on your specific needs. Our underfloor insulation is generally effective in every kind of property.

  • How much does underfloor insulation cost?

    The price of underfloor insulation is based on your specific requirements. The variables include size and R-value rating. For specific pricing information, contact us on 1800 354 717.

  • Should I insulate under my floor?

    Insulating under your floor is a great way to improve comfort in your home and reduce energy bills. It is definitely worth considering.

  • How long does it take to install underfloor insulation?

    The time it takes to install underfloor insulation depends on several factors, including your building, whether it is new or a retrofit job, and the amount of under floor insulation that needs to be installed.

  • What type of insulation to use underfloor?

    The type of insulation to use underfloor is Foilboard. This product is a rigid material that creates a superior insulant, thermal break and non-permeable moisture barrier. Foilboard panels are ideal for both residential and commercial applications to improve the thermal performance of a building.

  • How to install underfloor insulation?

    To install under floor insulation, you will need to custom cut the Foilboard panels to fit perfectly between the joists. The Foilboard panels will sit on the saddles. The green anti-glare surface must be placed on the top. Using Foilboard green tape, seal all butt joins between the panels, along with any minor gaps around the panels. This will ensure a closed airspace to achieve maximum insulation.

  • How to insulate a concrete floor?

    To insulate a concrete floor, you can either apply the Foilboard panels directly on to the underside surface of the concrete slab or onto the underside of the battens. Both installation methods will boost the thermal performance of the building to ensure greater thermal efficiency. Remember to engage a professional installer for best results.

  • How to lay underfloor insulation?

    To lay under-floor insulation, engage a professional installer. Ensure that the installer follows specific installation instructions to achieve maximum benefits. This will prevent the warranty being voided, the flooring above the insulation to be laid properly and for the advantages of under-floor insulation to be achieved.

Underfloor Insulation Reviews

“High quality product and exceptionally friendly service when I contacted them. Very happy with the product.”

Mick R.


“Foilboard came recommended from one of my builder friends who used the product in his new home. I’ve now had Foilboard insulation for more than 6 months and have noticed a huge difference. My house keeps cooler in summer and warmer in winter. My electricity bill has dropped as well.”

Chris P.


“The insulation panels tick all the boxes. They are durable and reasonably priced. I recommend the product to anyone looking to insulate their property.”

Stuart R.

Who Choose Underfloor Insulation?

Insulating the underfloor of a property enhances thermal efficiency. Often, the ceiling and walls of a property are insulated. However, many people forget to insulate the underfloor which is exposed to the earth. Underfloor insulation can be installed at properties that have a concrete slab or resting on stumps. Underfloor insulation fits in between the floor frame and prevents temperature variations through the flooring.

Benefits of Foilboard® for Underfloor Insulation

  • Foilboard® is impervious to moisture and offers impressive R-value ratings.
  • Simply clicks into place using a patented lock-in flap design to save time and labour
  • Reduces waste by allowing re-use of off cuts
  • Resists wind and vermin by preventing air infiltration from gaps and air pockets
  • Offers high thermal resistance to intense weather fluctuations commonly experienced in Australia.
  • Underfloor insulation that goes above and beyond BCA requirements with a 6-star energy rating, guaranteed for the life of the building
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