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Benefits of Cavity Wall Insulation

Whether you are at the building or renovating phase of your project, understanding the value of effective cathedral ceiling insulation is essential in making the best decision for insulation installation. Here are 3 reasons that cathedral ceiling insulation should not be overlooked.

1.  A well-insulated ceiling will keep heat where it needs to be.

It is known that the highest amount of heat transfer happens through the roof and ceiling, which is why insulating your cathedral ceiling properly, is so important. Without effective insulation, your heating or cooling costs will potentially increase by over 50% due to leakage through the ceiling and roof. In hot climates, a reflective, bulk insulation option is ideal for reducing the impact of heat penetration which will save on cooling costs dramatically. While in extreme cool climates will reduce heating costs.

2. Good design takes comfort and enjoyment into consideration

Spending time in a property will show you that comfort is always top priority. Even the most impressive looking buildings or homes must take into account that temperature control is essential to creating a pleasant space. During the building or renovating stage it is highly recommended to install insulation especially in the ceiling. Make sure it is BCA compliant and offers a high thermal rating, by doing so you will be making a smart choice for your special project.

3. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Not only will insulating your cathedral ceiling save you a significant amount of money on heating and cooling costs throughout the life of the building, you will in turn enjoy the added bonus of producing less greenhouse gas emissions from your insulated property. For home owners, builders or developers, the environmental benefits of installing insulation in Australia are highly valued across the industry and appreciated by everyone who cares about the well-being of our natural resources.

Although insulating a cathedral ceiling can present challenges, finding the right insulation material can make the process easy and quick even in a retrofit project. There are many bulk or reflective insulation materials on the market, but only one which guarantees its effectiveness for the life of the building and can be easily installed to new or existing cathedral ceilings. Foilboard insulation offers an insulation solution which goes beyond the standard requirements.

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