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brick veneer wall insulation

When most people think of wall insulation, they usually imagine the benefits it brings in terms of thermal efficiency and cost saving. These are fantastic benefits as they not only allow those inhabiting the property to maintain comfortable temperatures all year round, but they also provide an avenue in which to save money that may be otherwise spent on heating and air conditioning bills. As a result of these plus points, we experience another priceless advantage to installing wall insulation–minimising our impact on the environment.


The way this works is that by reducing the amount of time your heating and cooling units are run, you are saving natural resources, and decreasing how much we unnecessarily take from the earth. Wall insulation requires a very small initial outlay to treat a property, after which there are no recurring expenses. When selecting wall insulation, it is a good idea to
inspect the R-value that the particular material provides. Insulation with a good R-value will always increase your contribution to a better environment.


If you feel like you could contribute positively to your planet through wall insulation, contact the team at Foilboard today on 1800 354 717. A member of our team will be happy to provide you with expert advice.

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