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Designing a Building?

Designing a Building?

Installing Insulation?

Installing Insulation?

Do it Yourself Insulation

Doing it yourself?

Foilboard Insulation Systems offers an increasing array of performance insulation materials for both residential and commercial application.

We are a proudly Australian owned manufacturer and distributor of reflective insulation panels and fire-resistant insulated board. An integral part of our range is the original Foilboard panel, an FR-EPS (fire retardant expanded polystyrene) core with dual laminated aluminium surfaces. This combination provides a superior thermal performance whilst saving on cost and time.

With its slimline design and superior thermal reflective performance, FOILBOARD is well suited many insulation applications.

  • Residential underfloor construction
  • Residential brick veneer homes
  • Residential timber clad / weatherboard homes
  • Retrofit underfloor systems
  • Commercial suspended ceiling
  • Commercial concrete precast lining
  • Industrial factory lining
  • Double brick cavity construction
  • Ceiling insulation
  • Garage lining
  • Man-shed insulating / retrofit
  • Transportable building insulation
  • Spandrel Glass insulation

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the easy way to insulate View more videos
Foilboard is an Australian Standards certified product

Prepared, adopted or approved by a national standards body or other body accredited to produce national standards.