How to Retro Fit Underfloor Insulation in Sydney

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If you are living in a home built prior to the 1970s, chances are that you don't have insulation in your property. Insulation began to become a staple in homes built after this period, as people began to discover the benefits that these humble heat retaining sheets could provide. Even if your home doesn’t currently have insulation, there is still a method of installing underfloor insulation in Sydney, known as retro fitting. There are many great companies out there offering the supplies to do this, making it easier than ever to insulate your existing home. Below, we have created a concise guide on how to retro fit underfloor insulation on your property, to demonstrate just how effortless it is; using our favourite product–Foilboard Retro Fit Underfloor Insulation.


1.     Butt the Foilboard against the bearer (below the joists).

2.     Using the Foilboard Fasteners, fix the sheets to the underside of the joists, in between bearers

3.     Join the sheets together and continue along underfloor. Cut around any services, as needed.

4.     To restrict any leakage, tape all joints together.

5.     Finally, seal the ends of the joists using the insulation strips, in order to maintain still airspaces.


There you have it! Underfloor insulation in an existing home done nice and easy. If you are interested in retro fitting your home, call us at 1800 354 717 to organise the best insulation package for you. 

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