Cathedral Ceiling Installation Guide

Simple step by step guide to installing Foilboard® GREEN rigid insulation

Step 1

Post installation of ceiling battens to the top of rafters at between 600- I 200mm centres, measure gap between rafters.

Step 2

Mark the measurement on the Foilboard®. Insulation Panel.

Step 3

Cut the sheet using a sharp snap blade knife or similar in a horizontal position.

Step 4

Position sheet in between rafters to the underside of battens no greater than 1200mm apart.

Step 5

Roll reflective sarking over the top of battens to create additional reflective airspace above the Foilboard®.

Step 6

Fix roofing to battens.

Handling and Storage

Foilboard® Insulation Panel should be installed with airspaces above and below to increase the R value of the system. Tape up any gaps or use a water based sealant to restrict air leakage. For exposed applications, all penetrations must be effectively sealed to reduce any risk of damage caused by possible exposure to extreme radiant heat.

Instructions are a guideline only and should be interpreted with consideration for the specific building application. Safe installation practices are encouraged at all times. Please contact Foilboard Australia Pty Ltd for further information.

It is recommend that if the product is being stored for extended periods it should be kept clean and dry. Any moisture present between sheets should be dried to prevent potential oxidization and must not be stored with either foil surface in contact with any alkaline materials.

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Designing a Building?

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